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Deer Stag Porter Stout Glass
Guinness Stout and Porter Glass
Deer Stag Porter Stout Glass Set

Stag Porter & Stout Glasses (Set of 2)

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When you hold our Stag Porter & Stout Glass, you'll feel like you're cradling a cannonball in your hand. They are the perfect shape to appreciate the deep black and brown hues of the best porters and stouts.

They are made in the USA and laser-engraved with our exclusive Scottish Stag logo.

The tapered rim helps your beer maintain its aroma, carbonation and flavor, making it a great choice for many styles of craft beer. We prefer it for porters and stouts, though, because of the whole cannonball thing. Try it and you'll see what we mean.


  • Made and laser-engraved in the USA
  • Material: Glass
  • Holds up to 14.75 ounces of the good stuff

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