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A Ray of Light: 24"x36" Wood Print

A Ray of Light: 24"x36" Wood Print

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Exclusively available at 5506' Outfitters, this #PhotoJambo photograph is printed on a giant 24"x36" birch wood panel. White ink is not printed, exposing the natural wood grain below in lieu of white. 

Printing on wood gives these prints a more natural, rustic look that's just screaming for a cabin wall to call home.  


Captured from a drone, this is Beech Mountain, North Carolina, home to 5506' Outfitters. If you look closely, you can see our local pub at the top of the mountain. We're down on that deck enjoying a scotch ale from Beach Mountain Brewing Company.


  • Printed with sustainable water-based inks on 3/4" birch wood
  • Heat and water resistant, you can use a wet towel to dust it
  • Handcrafted in the USA

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