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Gear: BioLite SolarHome 620

BioLite is an inspirational company on a mission to bring "Energy Everywhere." They even have a hashtag (#EnergyEverywhere) so you know they're serious. Their mission has resulted in amazing gear that delivers power, light and communication to communities throughout the world.

Their latest innovation, SolarHome 620, is their first crossover product. The same system that is in use across 40,000 homes in Kenya can now power your cabin, tent, pub shed, camper or treehouse. It's also the perfect addition to your emergency kit, delivering solar power, lighting, usb charging and radio when the grid is down.

Before you read about the kit, watch the video that inspired us to become BioLite superfans:

You can learn more about and purchase the SolarHome 620 directly from BioLite.

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